Today’s Berlin summer adventure – Badeschiff & ‘hood

It”s been a long few months.  I love living in Berlin, but I have been incredibly homesick. I miss Boston. I miss my friends.  I miss English (yes, I know. Berliners speak English.  But I am frustrated by how slow my Deutsch lernen is)  I’ve been very, very low some days.  I knew when I chose to uproot myself and leave home to live in a city where I knew noone that there would be hard times.   But that doesn’t make the bad days feel any better.

One way I’ve decided to try and combat this is by getting UP and getting OUT.  I can not allow myself to sit around and stew. When I want to lay around and do nothing, I make myself do something.  Even if it’s just a walk down to and around the park.  This weekend was a good execution.  A friend invited me out for drinks on Friday and after first saying no, I went.  Yesterday I met the same friend for a beer tasting and a BBQ in the park.

I still felt pretty low this morning so I decided my Sunday discovery assignment would be the Badeschiff.  It’s a great beach bar with a pool in the Spree.

What a perfect spot on a hot day.   Music, people, a perfect pool.  Swimming always makes me happy. I just don’t do it enough.

I also did some wandering around the neighborhood.   Not sure what’s up with this van but it made me laugh:


I found a lovely beer garden/bar that I bet is hopping on a Saturday night which happened to be having a Foodora sponsored food festival.  (Which was great because I was starving. )

I love the street art here.


And I never get tired of the of the Oberbaumbrücke

IMG_4024Or the view from it (the other, lower side)


NOW that I’ve had my exploration, I am going to lay on the couch and watch OITNB.  Because I’ve earned it 😉

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