Sunday at Thai Park

A friend recently told me I had to go to Thai Park in Wilmersdorf.  “Cheap mojitos and amazing food!”  That’s about all the recommendation I need.   Plus, I had heard of the Thai ladies cooking up delicious food under their umbrellas and I’d been meaning to check it out.

Today was a gorgeous blue sky day in Berlin.  Even though Spring is here, that still feels rare.  After a night of wine and long distance girl talk, I needed something delicious and spicy, so I put on my walking shoes and headed to Wilmersdorf.

The park was super crowded  – as any place is on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  I was amazed by the all of the different kinds of food.  Pad Thai, chicken wings, salads, soups, spring rolls, sweets, mango & papaya everything, dumplings, skewers, bao and even crispy fried bugs.  There are bar tents scattered around making fresh fruit drinks and cocktails.

Since I always have Pad Thai, I found one vendor making it to order right in front of you. I loved watching the Pad Thai production line,  I can”t even imagine how many pans of Pad Thai that woman makes a day.   I grabbed myself a mango lassi and a heaping plate of food and found myself a shady spot to watch the people go by.    I helped myself to a chicken skewer right off a grill and then finished it all off with some sesame treats.

Thai Park might be something I make a challenge.  I need to go hungrier, or go more often because I want to try EVERYTHING.

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