Will I have a home to go to?

Being an ex pat right now is scary shit. At least for me.  When I was making my plans to move to Germany everyone joked “is it because of Trump? Haha” “if Trump wins, I just might join you! Wink wink”  Nobody believed, or admitted to believing, that we could be where we are right now.

Part of me is glad to be living far away.  The other part of me feels like a traitor and thinks I should go home and fight the good fight.  

I do what I can from Berlin.  I write, I call, I vote, I march.  But is it enough? 

Of course my headline is over dramatic – but I do worry.  What will “home” be like?  The issues here feel bigger than liberal/conservative.  I live on a Visa in Germany.  Will they react to me as an American? Will any trips home be tougher? Will they question me because of my travels? 

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