I made it. Ich lebe in Berlin!


I did it. I packed up or sold my entire life and moved from Boston to Berlin.

It was terrifying.  And amazing.  I think I got lucky – I moved from one great city to another completely different great city.

The first week and a half was a vacation.  I had friends visiting so it didn’t feel like real life – even while learning to deal with the German government and DHL.    But then I was alone and it was time to settle in.

I live in a great neighborhood – Mitte.  It’s literally the center of Berlin and there is no shortage of things to do and see.     I’m a short walk from several other great neighborhoods and Alexanderplatz (which is key because I can use the TV tower as a navigational beacon from anywhere in the city)  I have a million cafes and shopping spots.  I get to indulge my love of lounging in the European outdoor cafe.

It’s true, most Germans do speak English.  But only if they’re under 50.   I’m the first American non German speaker at my new company.   So far it’s been okay – heavy on the Google Translate and hand gestures, but it’s working.  But I’m also still in learning mode – we’ll see how the first real project goes.  All of my coworkers are surprisingly nice about the disruption and forced English my arrival has caused.

So, it has been fairly easy so far.  We’ll see how that continues.