21 days until the big move

I opened my mail last night and my monthly art postcard from Holstee was here.  A backpack urging me to pick up and go. It’s was the perfect note at the perfect time.  The sign I needed to keep pushing towards the move to Germany in 3 short weeks. Not that I had much of a choice – Berlin is coming.

My house is on the market.  I’m wrapping up my job.  I’m scaling back to the most important things for my life.  I’ve learned very very basic pleasantries and shopping needs in German. Hallo! Wie gehts? Darf ich eine Banane ?

It seems simultaneously real and unreal.  I try to make myself worry (maybe so I can face any worries head on? I don’t know.) but it’s harder than I thought.  It all just feels very right right now.