Moving is way too hard

UGH! Selling a house you’ve lived in for 10 years without another house to move into is INSANELY DIFFICULT.   I not only have to pare everything down for the sales process, I have to pare everything down for the “as small as I can get it” move to Berlin.

I want to tear my hair out.   Even the small “save” piles are still too big.   I’m grateful for this process, I want to simplify (that’s the theme of 2016 right?) but it’s too much.

But then I put on Purple Rain, and Let’s Go Crazy comes on and I start dancing and it’s all okay.   I’m still actively mourning the worlds great loss of Prince, but listening to his music has made this time a whole lot easier. Because if you’re dancing, you can’t be stressed. And if you’re listening to Prince, you’re dancing.


One thought on “Moving is way too hard

  1. Catherine, you’ve got this!! We went through the same thing when we left Attleboro 6 1/2 years ago. We’d been in our house for 10 years before the move. And this is the first year in those 6 that we haven’t had some kind of move (either at home or abroad) and I promise you, while overwhelming and a pain in the a$$, it does get easier. And when you get to Germany, you’ll realize you had way too much stuff to begin with and you’ll realize just how much easier it is to live with less. Just keep pushing forward – the adventure is just beginning!!!

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