A is for April and Adventure

My goal for 2016 is”The Great Simplification or addition by subtraction”  In my quest for that happier, healthier, simpler existence I’ve decided to try a few things for April.

No car unless I absolutely need it.   I gave up my work parking pass and got myself a T pass.  I can only drive to work if I have a) a volunteer gig at night that is right at 5 or off the T map b) I have something large to carry.     I can also only use my car on weekends if I’m doing something outside of Roslindale.

It’s day 4 of this experiment and so far so good! My daily mileage is way up – I walked 7+ miles both days this weekend. In the rain and snow and cold. And I feel so much better for it.   I’m also getting extra podcasts and reading in. BONUS!

Try a wearable.  I’m trying a WEARABLE. (I know, I know. I swore I wouldn’t)  I decided to try the Fitbit Blaze for several reasons. a) it’s half the price of an apple watch b) it has a money back guarantee c)it’s limited to things I actually need (time, exercise, notifications.) d)I’ve always been a wearer of large watches, so this one shouldn’t be a stretch.

I was convinced to try wearing one about the future of wearables discussion I had at the Habit Summit in Palo Alto last week. I was intrigued by the real goal of wearables – to get your face out of your phone.  So, I jumped.  Amazingly,  I was able to leave my phone (Yes, LEAVE MY PHONE) for long stretches of time this weekend without a shred of FOMO.

I’m obsessed with my Fitbit.  It’s everything I need to keep me on track right now.  But I’m always saying that it’s not really USEFUL. The data, it’s a good basic driver, but how is it really helpful?  So I’m trying the extra data-y one to see if I can make it useful.   I learned that my basic walking speed is a good cardio zone. I learned that my smaller Fitbit was way over-counting my steps.   Hopefully I’ll learn some more.

Rediscover the library.  I try to read at LEAST one book a week.   It’s getting expensive.  So, I renewed my library card.   I f’ing LOVE libraries.  The smell, the racks and racks of books.  Just going to the library makes me happy.  I had forgotten what a treat it is to skim through shelves of books to find a few treasures to bring home.



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