Mid life crisis?

For awhile now I’ve been feeling like the mom at work.  I don’t have kids, but I am the oldest person in my department.  Maybe on the floor.  This doesn’t always bother me, but I’ve been thinking a lot about it when I think about what to do next.

It’s obvious I’m too old for tech.   I love it and I’m good at it and I know my business inside and out.  But tech is not welcoming for anyone over 40, especially women.   It’s just the nature of the business these days.   I’ve got some left in me but I’m also thinking that in 5 years I better have a plan for something of my own. 

What of my own? I don’t know.   I never think about starting something in tech – no apps, no digital solutions.  I think about going old school – cooking, craft, brewing, socially responsible, conservation? I have no idea but I want to create offline. Is that just another sign I’m too old for this?

Has every generation feel this way? Did my Dad wake up one day and think about this?  I can’t imagine he did – he worked a traditional job in a traditional industry.  But was there something like this? It’s good to remind myself some times that I’m not inventing this stage – it’s not just my issue. 

I’m mid life crisising arenr I? I’ll tell ya one thing – there won’t be a sports car.  Unless it’s a Tesla. 

A is for April and Adventure

My goal for 2016 is”The Great Simplification or addition by subtraction”  In my quest for that happier, healthier, simpler existence I’ve decided to try a few things for April.

No car unless I absolutely need it.   I gave up my work parking pass and got myself a T pass.  I can only drive to work if I have a) a volunteer gig at night that is right at 5 or off the T map b) I have something large to carry.     I can also only use my car on weekends if I’m doing something outside of Roslindale.

It’s day 4 of this experiment and so far so good! My daily mileage is way up – I walked 7+ miles both days this weekend. In the rain and snow and cold. And I feel so much better for it.   I’m also getting extra podcasts and reading in. BONUS!

Try a wearable.  I’m trying a WEARABLE. (I know, I know. I swore I wouldn’t)  I decided to try the Fitbit Blaze for several reasons. a) it’s half the price of an apple watch b) it has a money back guarantee c)it’s limited to things I actually need (time, exercise, notifications.) d)I’ve always been a wearer of large watches, so this one shouldn’t be a stretch.

I was convinced to try wearing one about the future of wearables discussion I had at the Habit Summit in Palo Alto last week. I was intrigued by the real goal of wearables – to get your face out of your phone.  So, I jumped.  Amazingly,  I was able to leave my phone (Yes, LEAVE MY PHONE) for long stretches of time this weekend without a shred of FOMO.

I’m obsessed with my Fitbit.  It’s everything I need to keep me on track right now.  But I’m always saying that it’s not really USEFUL. The data, it’s a good basic driver, but how is it really helpful?  So I’m trying the extra data-y one to see if I can make it useful.   I learned that my basic walking speed is a good cardio zone. I learned that my smaller Fitbit was way over-counting my steps.   Hopefully I’ll learn some more.

Rediscover the library.  I try to read at LEAST one book a week.   It’s getting expensive.  So, I renewed my library card.   I f’ing LOVE libraries.  The smell, the racks and racks of books.  Just going to the library makes me happy.  I had forgotten what a treat it is to skim through shelves of books to find a few treasures to bring home.