Happy Monday! (And I mean that, sincerely)

I really do.

Most of my life I’ve dreaded Mondays.  Even when I’m on vacation.  Monday was a wall.  A start I didn’t want to make. A new set of worries and anxieties.

Today was different.  I can’t really pinpoint a single why.  I’ve been actively working on living a happier, healthier, more balanced life and it’s likely a combination of all of those little things I’ve been doing.

  • As of the first of the year I’ve quit drinking and smoking and generally letting bad, anxiety driven feelings drive my habits.
  • I’ve started going to bed and waking up around the same time every day – even on weekends.
  • I’m making healthier food choices on most days.  Some days. Well, more days than I used to.   I’m faithfully logging what I eat to understand what I’m eating – the sugar, the fats, the carbs.
  • I’m getting out of bed and moving.  Some days it’s just stretching. Others it’s yoga.  On others it’s cardio.  But it’s more often than not.
  • I’m trying new things to expand my creativity – at home, at work – in life.  Weaving, drawing, writing.  It doesn’t matter if I’m GOOD at it as long as I’m expressing something.
  • I’ve started a new commitment to volunteering.  I’ve joined a group to teach basic technology skills to people who need them.
  • I’m seeing a therapist and working on myself.

I took my usual yoga class on Friday. The teacher was a sub (but a co owner so I’ll see him again) It was a different class – the focus was different. The flow was different.  It changed something and a little of everything.   I connected with yoga in a way I never had. I left with my head full of new ideas and colors and music. I slept like a rock.  I took a class with him yesterday. And it was the same experience.

It’s all coming together now.  I hope it’s a long term thing and not a short term one. I want it.  That in itself is new.

This is today’s inspiration:




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