A couple of years ago now I saw a story on Facebook or something about a photographer who posted photos of his young daughter playing innocently in various stages of dress. This photographer was being called a pedophile and all sorts of terrible things. This photographer was outraged that these beautiful shots of a happy spirited child being a child could ever be seen with a negative nefarious eye. I agreed with him completely. Suddenly I realized I knew him from high school! Wyatt Neumann! wow! So I reconnected with him via Facebook and other social media and was blown away by his talent and his heart and his life force. He absolutely fucking inspired me. To think. To be kind. To be real. Wyatt died last year of an anueurysm while riding his motorcycle on the open road. For someone I hadn’t seen in 25 years and only recently reconnected with – that hurt. His sister wrote this. It’s pretty great. What Remains: Lessons in Loss

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