The Future?

I’ve been struggling a lot with what the future will be lately.  I’m not facing any big decisions or changes – this is all on my own of my own thinking.

For a long time I’ve worked in ecommerce. I like it.  Some days I even love it.  I love working in technology in a space that means something to me.   (Meaning I’m a HUGE online shopper.  Sometimes to my own detriment)  I’ve loved being a part of such a fast changing world full of new and interesting problems.

Lately however, I’ve started having a bit of a mid life crisis.  I want to start making a bigger impact on the world around me.  I volunteer, I support issues, I vote.  But I really want to work on something important all day.

I fully recognize this is neither unique or unusual.

What’s next?  Can I make enough money? Am I too old?

One of my resolutions (ugh, I hate that word) is to spend real time thinking creatively about this question I can’t shake.   Every day I try to think of one idea of how I could use my skills as a product manager, marketer, tech lover to solve a problem around hunger and homelessness.  I haven’t hit on anything yet, but I’m trying.

Anyone else struggling with this?



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