I’m feeling resolution lost.

I really want to make some changes this year. I’m restless. I’m bored. It makes me depressed. I’m almost in that paradox of choice situation – I could do ANYTHING! – so what should I do?

Here’s what I WANT:

I want to have more impact at work. I want to mentor, I want to encourage I want to INSPIRE. How do I get there?

I want to have more impact in the world. Yes, I volunteer. Yes, I feel good about that. Where are my talents and passion best used? Is volunteering enough or do I need to go out there and risk everything to make change? How do I decide?

Can I combine those things? But I’m so comfortable! Comfortable is deadly isn’t it?

I guess I need to feel useful and helpful to be happy. That’s what I’ve decided.

I’m just in a rut and I need something to jolt me out of it.

Anyone have any ideas?

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