5 bad office habits to break – this is a great list


I love The Muse. I find their content to be perfect about 98% of the time.

This one really resonated with me. I pasted it to my Evernote “Things to do” list and to my Pocket account.

1. Saying Sorry When You’re Not
I’m a woman. I say “sorry” alot. It’s annoying and I hate it but it’s true. This is one of my top things to change this year.

2. Being a Conversation Hog
I reeeallly try not to do this, but I have a problem with silence. I can’t let it sit. I just can’t. I need to. Another thing to work on this year.

3. Setting Up Meetings for No Reason
This is one I’ve already been working on for years. MEETINGS! GAH!

4. Being a “Model of Efficiency”
I make myself take breaks now. I take walks outside, or around the office. I spend the few minutes to catch up after meetings. It makes life so much more pleasant.

5. Venting Without Action
Now this one. This one is hard. I’m a venter. Always have been. I need to talk it out or I blow up. But now I’m going to take one small action for everything that I want to vent about. I’ll have a chat, send an email, try to fix it.

Oh January, I hope I’m as good about these things in June.

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