Please, stop inviting me to meetings.

I knew I’d have a big challenge ahead of me when I started my latest job. I was going from pure start up to established company in fix it & grow mode. There is so much I have to figure out how to get around or cut through to move things forward and get people to start thinking with more freedom.

My biggest problem? Meetings that don’t move anything forward. And I’m in meetings all day. Prioritizing. Writing down requirements. This is not helping us innovate.

As written in Ben Horowitz’s classic Good Product Manager/Bad Product Manager:
Good teams are skilled in the many techniques to rapidly try out product ideas to determine which ones are truly worth building. Bad teams hold meetings to generate prioritized roadmaps.

We spend too much time planning and organizing and not enough time releasing and testing. I will say it’s getting better all the time and there are many people working on fixing this issue. Any ideas out there?

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